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DiVinci Referral Program

How it Works

First, participation in the DiVinciPay referral service is by invitation only.  There are two ways to earn income from referrals with DivinciPay.  1.  Refer a Business to use our checkout -or- 2. Refer an ERC-20 based token that would like to be added to our checkout.

By submitting a referral, you acknowledge you will be paid $100 USDT or MADHAT (your choice) for each business that signs up to use our DiVinciPay platform and $100, in USDT or MADHAT (your choice) of any ERC-20 based token that meets our listing requirements and that signs up to list their token in our checkout.  

Referral payments are made within 24-hours of a valid sign-up and payment being received by DivinciPay.

When filling out the form below, you must acknowledge the Terms of Use in order to proceed with DivinciPay.

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If you have an ERC-20  token that you would like added to our checkout, click the Add Token button below

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