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DVNCI  Token


Token Name: DiVinciPay (DVNCI)

Token Contract Address: 0x79CA240990ec3F11381a8f80529828aAD0628658

Token Network: Ethereum

Token Network URL:

Token Website:

Liquidity Pool: Uniswap


Holders: PENDING

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Initial Pool Supply: 5,000,000

DiVinciPay WhitePaper: CLICK HERE

Token Utility: DVNCI was created as a payment method for DiVinciPay Merchants.  When using DVNCI to pay for monthly or annual subscriptions,  the customer receives 20% savings, with 100% of the proceeds going the the DVNCI Uniswap liquidity Pool.  Because there is a limited supply of DVNCI tokens, as the demand increases and the supply is fixed, the value of DVNCI, will continue to adjust based on these market conditions.

DISCLAIMER: The DVNCI token is not an investment token.  The token is used as a method of payment for DiVinciPay customers to pay for DiVinciPay services. Individuals who buy DVNCI tokens via the Uniswap Liquidity Pool, should understand that the liquidity is provided when DiVinciPay customers make their payment.  DVNCI is not a memcoin, shitcoin or stablecoin.

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