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DiVinciPay Packages


Currently, we offer several variations of DiVinciPay

WIX & Wordpress Plugin

Custom Stores

-With just a few simple steps you can instantly upgrade your Web2 WIX or Wordpress website to a dynamic Web3 applications. Our DiVinciPay plugins allows developers and DIY designers to integrate the DiVinciPay platform on their WIX or Wordpress site. 

- installation process takes less than 2-minutes.

-Choose from custom checkout packages that will incorporate DiVinciPay into your existing shopping ecosystem.

- Custom packages from DiVinciPay include Hotel Reservations, Auto Rentals, Auto Dealerships, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Mortgages, Web3 Site Integrations using iFrames, and so much more...

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If you have an ERC-20  token that you would like added to our checkout, click the Add Token button below

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