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Introducing USHX Founders Club

Membership Limit:10,000 members


Founders Club Member Benefits

Members in the Founders Club will receive $100 worth of USHX Tokens as a benefit of using the "Get Paid to Exercise App" and keeping their subscription in good standing! In addition Founders Club members receive all of the "Living 2.0 and USHX member perks!


  • Investors get access to properties 24hrs before anyone else on the platform

  • Buyers will have 100% of their closing costs covered and appraisal cost reimbursement

  • Contractors will be preferred on any job that is available. Sellers will have their properties marketed on all social media venues

  • Realtors will make additional commissions by being in the USHX Founders Club

  • Access to NFT platform through USHX with preferred positioning.

Image by Mimi Thian


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