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Blend next generation technology with real world business

Upgrade Your WIX or Wordpress Website With The "No-Code" DiVinciPay Plugin

DiVinciPay is the first permissionless, non-custodial plugin designed specifically for WIX & Wordpress websites.  Why do we spell DiVinciPay with a "Di" instead of "Da"?  "Di" stands for "Dependency Injection", which is a programming technique used for the reusability of code to achieve speed, stability and security.  DiVinciPay is a powerful tool that pairs with traditional payment systems, integrating seamlessly within WIX & Wordpress websites. DiVinciPay instantly upgrades a Web2 website to a high-powered, Web3 application. 


By simply adding the DiVinciPay plugin to a WIX or Wordpress website, customers will have immediate access to thousands of ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens to use as payment at checkout. 

For a limited time, we will be waiving the $599 activation fee, and lowering the monthly fee from $299* to $99*, for all WIX & Wordpress websites that sign up for DiVinciPay.  Don't miss this incredible opportunity to integrate DiVinciPay into your online store, today!

Why accept crypto for your business? (three great articles)

Don't have a WIX or Wordpress website but you would like to upgrade your Web2 website to Web3, CLICK HERE to see our Custom Code options.

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DVNCI Token:

Contract Address: 0x79CA240990ec3F11381a8f80529828aAD0628658

Etherscan Link:


DiVinciPay Plugin
WIX & Wordpress Requirements

You must have a Premium WIX or Wordpress website and hosting package

You must have a WIX or Wordpress Store/Shop Activated

You must have a connected payment method

You must have a MetaMask ERC-20 and BEP-20 wallet so you can accept your token payments


If you do not have a MetaMask wallet established, please click the MetaMask Fox to set up your private wallet.

A Veracious, Revolutionary Force

Enhance Your Existing WIX or Wordpress Shop With DiVinciPay

Adding the DiVinciPay “no-code” plugin to your existing WIX or Wordpress website has never been easier.  The setup process takes roughly two minutes and integrates seamlessly with WIX or Wordpress reporting and customer databases. 


DiVinciPay offers over 1,000 ERC-20 and BEP-20  tokens, all of which can be used as currency in your WIX or Wordpress Store/Shop.


Easily expand your customer reach by offering NFT introductions, coupons, specials, and featured events!  Every DiVinciPay membership now includes unlimited access to our EVM Wallet BOT and NFT minting engine for your convenience. 

DiVinciPay Has Been Developed Exclusively For The Following Platforms:







Ethereum Network

Binance Smart Chain Logo.png

Binance Smart Chain



WIX & Wordpress Plugin Designed For:

Retail, Clothing, Shoes, Equipment, Jewelry, & Services that require invoices.


Auto (purchase, lease rent), RV (purchase, lease rent), Boats (purchase, lease rent).

CBD, Delta8, Delta9 and Dispensaries.


Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, B&B, Airlines, Charters, Cruises

Professional Services(Legal, Accounting, Consulting), Entertainment, Events

Our Features

Key Features That Make DiVinciPay So Powerful

-DiVinciPay is the only platform offering NFT marketing, via airdrops to token wallet holders, that effectively increases merchant exposure.

- DiVinciPay immediately sends directly from the buyer’s wallet to the merchant wallet, eliminating the need for a 3rd party custodian.

- DiVinciPay currently accepts between 1 and 10,000 ERC-20 tokens as payment.

- DiVinciPay is a true Web3 application that integrates exclusively with MetaMask.

-DiVinciPay is built on the Ethereum and Binance chains and is a true non-custodian payment platform.

- DiVinciPay allows users to NFT their receipt via the Mad Hatter NFTs application, as a proof of payment for goods and services.

- DiVinciPay allows all participating merchants the opportunity to broaden their customer reach by accepting crypto payments.

- DiVinciPay does not require the use of a 3rd party wallet. 

How it Works

Custom Code

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide businesses with an alternative to the monopoly created by large merchant processing companies.  To do this, we have developed a proprietary Web3 plugin that bridges the gap between brick-and-mortar businesses with the ever-expanding crypto industry. Our platform allows merchants in every category the ability to accept over 1,000 tokens, including the often overlooked micro tokens. 

​Businesses, both large and small, can now harness the power of crypto.  No longer will a company have to wait 3-10 business days for money to post to their accounts.  Our platform pays in real-time, allowing a business to manage their own wallet and either hold the tokens in like-kind or convert to fiat.  The choice is 100% theirs.

Our set up process is very simple and takes less than five minutes to complete.  To learn more about our platform, please select either BUSINESS or TOKEN, to get started. 

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