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About Us

DivinciPay Corp, is a dual domiciled corporation, registered in both Wyoming and Colorado. On January 8, 2024, DiVinciPay registered with FINCEN as a Money Service Business (MSB) and on January 10, 2024, was acknowledged and accepted and issued BSA ID 31000262039976 The goal of DiVinciPay Corp is to enhance the existing merchant marketplace, by offering technology that seamlessly integrates DiVinciPay, with their existing legacy platform. To begin this process, we developed DiVinciPay on two of the largest web platforms in the marketplace today.

DiVinciPay works flawlessly with both WIX and Wordpress sites and is fully customizable to accept over 250 Ethereum and Binance based tokens. Our Q1 2024 roadmap, is to increase the number of accepted tokens from 250 to 1,000, add invoice and QR functionality for in-real-life (IRL) purchases, create Facebook Marketplace, Discord Pay, Shop Telegram and Shopify plugin dashboards and integrate DiVinciPay within the GivBux Super app, which currently services over 400,000 merchants nationwide.

Why do we spell DiVinciPay with a "Di" instead of "Da"?

"Di" stands for "Dependency Injection", which is a programming technique used for the reusability of code to achieve speed, stability and security. DiVinciPay is a powerful tool that pairs with traditional payment systems, integrating seamlessly within WIX & Wordpress websites. DiVinciPay instantly upgrades a Web2 website to a high-powered, Web3.5 application.


*All subscribers realize a savings of $220 per month (from $299 to $99).** $599 Activation Fee is one-time only, for all subscriptions that remain current.

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WIX & Wordpress logos and likeness are owned by WIX, Ltd & DiVinciPay is not currently used in the WIX or Wordpress marketplace as a payment method but is in the process of onboarding the app within their approved networks. DiVinciPay is a custom code add-on that integrates over existing merchant processors on the WIX platform.

On January 8, 2024, DiVinciPay Corp. registered with FINCEN as an MSB (Money Service Business). The BSA ID registration number awarded by FINCEN is 31000262039976